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Why CareerChat's Interview Prep?

1. Identical Test Environment

As the official interview provider, we help you prepare in the identical test environment as real interviews.

2. Thorough Performance Analysis

We help you learn how you performed, what you did wrong, and your rank among the competitors using our AI.

3. High Prediction Accuracy of Questions

As the official question provider, CareerChat is the only platform that shows more than 40% of prediction accuracy.

Applicants who completed CareerChat's AI Interview Prep showed 19%p higher acceptance rate than those who didn't.

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More accurate but economical than any other players in the interview prep market.

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Make one step ahead of your peers. Practicing even ONCE is BETTER than NONE.

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Commit yourself to actually landing a job. Your hardcore training will certainly pay off.

5 Tickets (52% Discount)

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Eliminate your mistakes - the less the better. More practice is your only key.

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Select your profession domain. We'll create a custom interview environment tailored to your job profile.


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Practice with the questions from actual interviews. We guarantee a high prediction rate of what's going to be on your next interview.


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Learn how our AI scores your interview performance. It's the same AI that will score your real interviews.

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Our accepted applicants prove the importance of prepping through CareerChat

I thought I'd prepared enough for job interviews in school and various training centers. But I actually struggled a lot on the actual job interviews. They were just so different! The questions, vibes, and formats varied for every interview, and I panicked every time. But with CareerChat, I was able to practice with the actual questions on an actual interview environment. And I could practice as much as I needed! So, thank you CareerChat for helping me land a job 👍

Ashish Kumar


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